Fish wall is working ....

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I'm really pleased.

Now all 4 tanks are "started" and - thanks to the division of space - there is the ability to handle different situations in a short time, even in special situations such as the reproduction of some African cichlid .. .. at this time - in fact - is Cyrtocara Moore Baenschi Aulonocara Benga (the latter from Alessandro Lasagni - AIC) have breed, and thanks to the spaces now available and divided, I could divide the two females who are quietly incubating the fry (the depositions were made at a week apart from each other). In the second small bowl, or half 'of that divided the first level (see article on fish wall here), stationed ancy of small, growing quietly and without problems. It 'filters, ne' heaters (extinct having temperatures well above 25 C), and 'let alone the lights mounted gave me problems, indeed I must say that the plant has proved excellent filtration efficiency , lamps sufficient for the growth of plants are not demanding that I have, so all very well made and sized. Have these spaces is allowing me satisfaction that I had until now been partially closed because 'failing spaces I could not, example, to complete the depositions ...... or study better the compartment that certain cichlid ..... In short, the fish W wall, a really cool idea for an aquarium.

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