Poecilidi Land 2

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Poeciliids Land 2

I never thought about thi aquarium. It is not a modification of the aquarium called 'Lands of Poecilid', but that is another aquarium. I planned on doing because I had a big slab of glass, which was on a desk, and that - by using no more the desk - had been no use. I thought it would be a waste to throw away the glass, so I went to a glazier and I did cut the plate in order to have the pieces to be glued to an aquarium. Thus it was, and I managed to silicon glue together the pieces. You can see the result in the picture, in guppy and cherry red, I do not use the heater, and the filter is a small Eheim suction cup mounted to a wall. Lighting 11 W, plants seem to feel good even if they do not grow with speed ... I breed guppies in speed although in winter the water temperature drops to 18 degrees centigrade. Does not operate water changes but only added when the level decreases (especially during summer). An aquarium 'no problem', aesthetically pleasing, no commitment, almost zero maintenance.

Fantastic is not it?

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