Askoll doesn't like Betta Splendens

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Askoll doesn't like Betta Splendens.

Unfortunately I must point out what appears to be an oversight (and which I hope it will be corrected as soon as possible) by a serious company like Askoll I think.
Askoll, to publicize its promotion, aims to reward (look at contest rules here ) its customers with attractive gifts, and until now..... no problems .... look here.

The problems arises because - to reward its loyal customers - are awarded 100 mini aquariums (but be careful because they are not aquariums!) to house - and I quote from the site of Askoll - "adorable 'fighters'"!

Now, I must to say that exist circumstances and laws in Italy which prohibits to keep fishes in places so small. I want to say also that 2 liters of water are not sufficient to ensure the minimum health conditions of any fish, in addition that aquarium (!)  is devoid of technical accessories and Askoll declares that' is perfect for nature lovers .....'


Nature lovers couldn't never accept that companies advertise articles like those!
We want to think that within that 'little thing' there is 'a fish' and - in most cases - the people who bring home proud showing their winnings,  probably will cause their death!
I hope askoll has been a great mistake, as I hope the Askoll forbid - in the best tradition of a serious company withdraw - this initiative.
Donate as a gift rather than a manger, an heater, instead of presents, HEALTHY books on aquariums and how to create and maintain it !!
A customer that sees his fish die in a short time, hardly return to store to buy another one, it is difficult to enthrall to this wonderful hobby and, ultimately, difficult to buy products for aquarium ....

but - at the end - it seems that the 'must' be ALWAYS the same ..... Business, business and BUSINESS also read HERE.

poor Betta Splendens!

Askoll, the easy way for aquarium .... (Quotes the slogan of the company).

mah, sorry for the outburst.

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