We're here to my main passion: the aquarium. I started to approach this hobby in 2001 with a small 40 liters purchased, as often happens to a newcomer, in a large shopping center, in the offer.
Well, it certainly is not the best, but to begin to understand what the world that "turns" around an aquarium, and it's no more than enough. This bowl has served extensively on understanding how a system, what are the variables to be controlled to ensure a proper balance, It also served (unfortunately) to make those inevitable mistakes that everyone has one or more times ....... It' s been also important to realize that it is true the phrase "small aquarium = little problems, but quite the contrary! Larger the size of the tank (usually) more inertia to change, the more possibility to repair the mistakes made often when you start ...

Returning to us: the first setup has operated about three years, and has hosted - as often happens for a beginner - really everything. Then it was rearranged and renamed "poeciliids Land" because the intent was to house a beautiful family of Poecilia reticulata (Million Fish or Guppy), but because my passion for African cichlids is increasing ..... In March 2006 he was again overturned and dedicated to accommodate a small family of Lamprologus Brevis, beautiful (and small) cichlids  of Tanganyika Lake  in Africa. But the big step, really, to something more challenging, but rewarding, parallel to the small 40 liter, I made in 2004!

A tank of 180 liters that's going from December 2004 and is giving me the big satisfactions. Initially aquarium Amazonian hosted scalars, but later, in September 2005 has been completely distorted and hosted wonderful Malawi cichlids , and is now the new version of "American" and it's hosting a pair of Torichthys Maculipinnis (Ellioti)

Many of my outfits, are reworking after second thoughts of my tanks, do not think that I have dozens of aquariums in the house! There are only 5, and two outdoor pools on the balcony!! Smile Smile If you are interested in my experiences, in aquarist, and you should read more, click here, and you will be redirected in "my tanks" section! If you are interested in other content in this site, log in at reserved area