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Hello, my name is Andrea, and I was born November 30, 1967 in Rome, the city where I live with my family and work.
My course of study, after scientific maturity achieved at the Institute of Roma S. John the Evangelist, continued with the registration in Economics at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza'.

Here I graduated in the course of 1994 (104/110) with a thesis about  "Italian and English banking systems, as part of the Second EEC Directive". Then I graduated of the 'Course in banking specialization', again at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza'. I started my professional experience the following year (after a brief period of about 6 months in a SIM where I recoverd the rule of financial planner), at Meliorbanca SpA, where I gained experience in the financial sector, dealing with aspects of the issuance of bonds and then to the fiscal, taxation, cost analysis, and management control. In October 2000, I started a new job xperience for a bank in Rome, whose business was connected to the world of agriculture : Credito Agricolo & Industriale SpA (now called SediciBanca SpA) where I served the role of Head of Organization and Information Systems. Today I deal again for the organization, logistics and information systems, I follow some issues related to new business projects of the new bank and their integration with the company information system. Finally, I deal with organizational and functional analysis. My hobbies who grows marginally in their spare time are: computer science, aquarium, nature photography and the motorbike, hobby - the latter - which I devoted myself with enthusiasm and passion with my wife at a time when we were not particularly demanding, and that today, also because of my wonderful family, I can no longer practice with continuity!

Are you interested in my career and want to read my CV?

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