Some tips for beginners

Allow me, in these few lines, based on my personal experiences, suggest you the little tips that can help (I hope) to avoid mistakes, especially oriented  to those approaching - for the first time - to this wonderful hobby. I think it is sometimes  is more precious a little advice, given with humility and collaboration, that a treaty on the water chemistry in our tanks (which is also very important that).


  • Remember population that are hostedt in your aquarium, are living: respect them and take care of, their life depends on you!
  • Before buying a tank, documented and studied. Try to understand wich is your final purpose, what kind of fish population, such as plants (also depending on the fish) you may even grow. Often a pool of medium size is more 'stable' of a tray from 30-40 liters.
  • Do not give (almost) never listen to that kind (because not everyone is so) of merchants who want to sell you all or nothing when you have a problem. The optimal solution may not exist, but is often 'more' simple than you think, reasoning, laws, and also learns from your mistakes, with humility.
  • The habitat you are going to reproduce in your tank, how difficult it is, must get as close as possible to the situation in nature (temperature, light, pH, hardness, plants, background, etc.).
  • Avoid 'soups' of fish in the tank because you've 'fallen in love' of this colorful fish, and then the other one and that other more ... often (not knowing) you have created a deadly environment for our poor friends .... (also called 'time bomb')
  • well documented on the species you want to breed, study characteristics, aggression, eating habits ... not all fish are equal, some are 'naughty'.... In short it would not be a happy coexistence!
  • Do not be afraid to ever ask for information, and also learns to filter out tons of news that you find on the Net: not always true and only one side. Experiences 'on field' are those that are worth more to learn and move forward successfully.
  • Subscribe to Aquarium Association (preferably of the city where you live). There are several across Italy (watch the links on this site here), you'll find competence, availability, and why not, even friendship!
  • There have never in a hurry to reach a result. If you have well worked and your fish are healthy, the satisfactions will get inevitably, and often when you least expect it.
  • Sometimes the most expensive solution is not necessarily the best. Have patience in finding and also addressed to the used market, there are flea markets and Internet forums on specialized portals where sometimes you can make some real bargains and save lots of money! Last but not least, read the FAQ It.hobby.acquari, Mauritzio Ghelli you'll find many explanations as simple to your (probably) because many, click here.
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